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ePujan Service


Steps to be followed by Yajaman and Pandit Pujan’s Pandit Ji


   Step – 1  Organize Online Pujan Service through Video Conferencing Mode.

   Step – 2  Connect the Hindu Yajaman

   Step – 3  Online Video connection between Hindu Yajaman’s & Pandit Ji for Pujan’s


E-Pujan Service


During festival seasons or rush hours, it is very difficult to find or appoint Pandit Ji for Pujan services at Yajaman’s end.


Pandit Pujan introduce a concept called ePujan Services. Pujan’s Organize, guides and completed through a video conferencing call between Hindu Yajaman and Pandit Ji. Through an online virtual platform, you can enjoy ePujan’s service at your place.


Our Pandit Ji will guide you the right ePujan steps, rules and regulations. You will feel smoothing and divine Pujan experience through online mode.


As of now we offer ePujan service in India only.


ePujan at Yajaman’s end:-


1.   Before Muhurat – Arrangements made; where Yajaman’s sit along with their family members, colleagues to attend the booked epujan.

2.   Good Internet connection, Laptop or Mobile phone. Ensure that the camera, speaker and microphone of the device in use are working properly.


ePujan at Pandit Pujan end:-


1.    Guidance of our Pandit Ji throughout the live session – Pujan is practically performing by you includes speaking of mantras, Shlokas, given sankalp at your place through video calling mode.

2.   From starting to end process, Our Pandit Ji guides you properly every step via online video calling mode and make sure to complete your ePujan consider right Vidhi Vidhans, assure you hassle free ePujan service.

      If you required any further information, Please contact us through email or call us!



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